New Zealand Scholarships

Scholarships and funding sources are available

Scholarships offered by the New Zealand Government for Students from developing countries. These Overseas Development Assistance (NZODA) Postgraduate Scholarships cover airfares, accommodation and living expenses, as well as tuition fees. Please note that the number of scholarships awarded are very limited, and only students with exceptional grades will be considered. Application forms are available from the University International Centre or your New Zealand Diplomatic post.


NZAID (New Zealand’s International Aid and Development Agency) is New Zealand’s agency responsible for international assistance to developing countries. NZAID support for basic, post basic and tertiary education includes financial & technical assistance to strengthen existing higher education institutes and system and the provision of scholarship for study in home country, regional and New Zealand institutions. NZDAS, the programe under NZAID are for full time multi year courses in New Zealand for tertiary level studies through the public and open category. NZDS scheme covers tuition, orientation fees, economy fare, travel, a basic living allowance with the provision for accommodation expenses (paid through study institutes). Students from India can apply for NZDS open (via universities) categories.

Financial Assistance

Funds are required for living (rent, food, transport, etc.) and course costs (books and research expenses inducting international literature searches and data collection) in addition to tuition fees. If you need additional financial support to your own or family resources, there are a number of possibilities worth exploring. Note that application for funding is a separate operation to applying. You may receive admission to study but not be successful in your application for funds. You will not be granted a scholarship without admission

Bank Loan

Bank loans are easily available for higher studies. You need to have a collateral security. Interest varies from Bank to Bank.